A kinda sorta wordpress newbie

by ilanasou

Kinda sorta because I’ve been blogging in one form or another since at least 2006, but haven’t, let’s say, had the discipline to keep it up. So each time I create a new WP site, or try to log into an old one (finally dig up email address I used to register, get new password and oops, gone!) I find everything has been changed around. So it’s like I’m learning everything all over again.


Anyway, I am a writer, and it’s entirely my drivel that I’ve been posting on the other two blogs I’ve just attached this account to. I’ve decided to try a new email provider for various reasons.

I added this new email addy as an administrator but then couldn’t figure out how to get an account without adding yet another new blog to the pile – at least in the space of the thirty seconds or so I wanted to spend trying to figure that out 🙂 Maybe at some point I’ll figure out why I have this blog too, along with http://theworldisamirror.wordpress.com/ and http://loneperspective.wordpress.com

I do like theme I’ve picked. So we’ll see.